This flowchart will lead you to one of five options available from your Trubyte dealer.   Choose the Option based on your PC set-up, and your performance desired.

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Bar Code Reader Descriptions and Instructions for Use
For internet connected customers, We highly recommend placing a PC near the tooth stock and using Option B (Laser Scanner and Wedge Decoder). For non-internet connected customers, our best solution is DON PA 500 Mobile Computer.

Bar Code Reader Option Suggested Retail Price
Option B (item# 10006): Laser Scanner and Wedge Decoder  $311.40
DON PA500 Mobile computer with SDIO 56K Modem Card (item# 10017)  $950.00


Miscellaneous Items Suggested Retail Price
Add 25' Extension cable (item #10011) (for DON option-B Laser Scanner)  $21.85
Inventory Control Chip - Black (item# 981939805)  $2.80
(Optional item) DON PA 500 Docking Station (item# 100172)  $85.00

Option B
Option B for desktop computers  is clearly the best option. Option B contains a 6' cable which enables the operator to work in a 12' radius from the PC.  An optional 25' cable is available.

DON PA 500
The primary purpose of the DON PA 500  is to read Dentsply bar code labels to order DENTSPLY Trubyte teeth and merchandise products. In addition to placing orders for Trubyte teeth, this versatile technology can be used for helping you organize your personal schedule, contacts, "To Do" list, e-mail and memos. Requirements:. Includes USB cable and charging adapter. It does not require internet access.   This is an enterprice level PDA using the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, color touch screen, built in laser scanner, full alphanumeric software keyword and can be setup for Wireless mobility (WiFi). The device offers a SDIO expansion slot for adding a modem for connectivity to the internet or DON servers over regular analog phone lines.

Optional: In order to exchange data (schedules,contacts, to-do lista,email and memos) between your computer and the PA 500, Microsoft ActiveSync version 4.2 or higher must be install on the your computer. This is a Free application installation disc that comes with the DON PA 500. It's use is not required to scan and transmit your DON order to the DON server via modem or internet (WiFi)

Optional: DON PA 500 Docking Station, allows for connection to computer for data transfers and charging of the PA 500 mobile computer.

Already Have a Bar Code Reader?
If you already have a bar code reader, and would like to use it to read Trubyte bar codes, please use these set-up parameters:
1. Code 39 (or 3 of 9 ) "enable"
2. Check digit verify "enable"
3. Send check digit "disable"
4. Full ASCII "disable"

Please e-mail us, or or call us for questions about options and pricing (800-877-0020, extension 54547).

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